Pet lovers who are looking for dog breeds with an established pedigree can consider an Akita puppy. With history dating back as early as the Edo period, these native breed from Japan are immortalized in picture scrolls, potteries, and even postage stamps. In fact, the Japanese government has declared it as a living monument. This popular breed has found companionship with the imperial family and found its use in hunting. The Akita is a well-respected dog in Japan. There even came a time when Akitas had their own servants that would look after them in place of their aristocrat owners.

The strong, solid, and well proportioned built are typical of Akitas. These working class breed is the largest type of Japanese spitz. The face of an Akita is not wrinkled and its cheeks are full. They have pricked ears, triangular eyes and tapered muzzle. Akita generally comes in pure red, white, and sesame color.

Those who are looking for Akita puppies will find them very cute and adorable. However, not everyone can handle an Akita because they are intelligent and independent. The breed can be challenging for trainers because they are strong-willed. In the event that the handler exhibits a weak character, Akitas tend to take the dominant role. For these reasons, potential owners need to consider the temperament of an Akita puppy to see if it is perfect for the family.

Akita puppies stay on their own until it reaches the age of two. Even at a young age, owners will find that an Akita shows individuality. The puppies will bravely explore their surroundings and are perceptive of their territory. They are playful but at the same time, they learn quickly with the aid of active training. A well-trained Akita can get along with children. These dogs however are very territorial and anything that they perceive as a threat to the family, including other animals, can experience an Akita’s aggressive behavior.  One quality that makes Akita an endearing companion is their extreme loyalty. In fact, the famous deaf and blind educator Helen Keller praised her Akita dog Kamikaze-go for his devotion. Keller found a gentle and loving companion in her Akitas.

If you think that all the qualities of an Akita fits with your personality and lifestyle, getting one is the next step. It is important to find a reputable breeder where you can buy an Akita. Going to these qualified breeders will guarantee that the puppy you will get is purebred. Another option for finding Akita puppies is through the internet. There are plenty of breeders that give information about the puppies online.  

Owners should be aware that health problems common to the breed are hip dysplasia and vision problems. Generally though, Akitas has a very resilient health. To avoid genetically inherited disorders, get your Akita puppy from a known breeder.

It is the duty of Akita puppy owners to ensure the well-being of these majestic breed. Understanding their behavior will be the start of a satisfying relationship with your Akita. Who knows, you might be another Helen Keller if you’ve managed to win your dog’s absolute trust and loyalty.