Akita dogs exude a very majestic and powerful aura. This dignified dog originated from Japan but there are presently two types of Akitas. The original Japanese Akita breed (Akita Inu) and the American Akita have similar features but they’re distinctly different. The Japanese Akita is slimmer than the stocky American Akita. The Japanese Akitas don’t have black masks, unlike the American Akitas. If you see pictures of the two kinds, you will notice that the Japanese Akita has a more angular skull than the American Akita. American Akitas have more color varieties than Japanese Akitas. Nonetheless, there are overlaps in their characteristics as they come from the same lineage. Both varieties have a large built and a tail that curls over their backs.

Akita dogs are considered a first class guard dog in Japan. Mothers are actually confident enough to leave their children with Akitas. The Akita is definitely a dog for keeps. Its standout trait is its courageousness. The Akita lives to protect its master. It is really highly noted for its courage and loyalty. Hachiko, the famous dog that waited for years for his dead master, is the best example of loyalty. The dog is also alert and very intelligent. They’re generally obedient but they will only submit to their masters if their masters establish themselves as the leader of the pack. Dogs in general move in pack culture. They look up to a pack leader and if the master fails to establish himself as a pack leader, the dog will naturally dominate the master. An Akita owner must exert extra effort in establishing himself as a pack leader because the Akita is strong-willed. Only patience and firmness, plus careful socialization, will produce a well-rounded Akita.

Not all Akita dogs are similar to the famous Hachiko. Hachiko was a product of dedicated care and affection.  However, the behavioral problems associated with the Akita may be intimidating for inexperienced dog owners. The Akita is quite complex. They exhibit aggression but they are quite unpredictable. They’re the silent dogs with strong personalities. They can be playful but in a snap, they can attack without warning if you push the wrong buttons. Their strong personalities also explain their dominance over other dogs. As much as possible, they should not live with other breeds.

Training Akita dogs should start as early as possible to bring out the best in them. The trainer must present himself as a confident and strong leader of the pack in order to get through to the Akita. Akitas can easily sense if the human has a weak personality. Since they are natural protectors, they must be taught early in their development to distinguish a threat from a welcome guest. You must also be consistent. Otherwise, the Akita will make its own rules.

For Akita dogs to become loveable family dogs, their owners must treat them according to their personality. Young children must not play with Akitas without supervision. Teach the children not to be too rambunctious with the Akita to avoid agitating the dog. Activities for Akitas should preferably exercise their large built. They should definitely undergo obedience training to stimulate their brain. Give them something to do because they get bored easily. Boredom is detrimental for this dog.