The great thing about dogs is the process of breeding them. In this case, you will see the fruits of your labor when your dog grows up to be a respectable pet for the whole family. And just think of how great it would be to wake up with a dog that knows what to do in the right time and at the right places. Its a great feeling to know that you did your best to make your dog a suitable companion. What makes it even better is if you successfully trained a dog that is notorious for being a stubborn mutt. Or in this case, has in his bloodline the instinct of a wild Northern wolf.

The Akita is one of the more precarious breeds that you will find out there. Most people will be excited to see that there is a dog that is a breed between the large husky or even domesticated dogs and a wild wolf. This may cause some very good and bad results as these dogs are known to have. While they are very loyal and headstrong, they can be very stubborn at times. Usually when training them, it is necessary that you start while they are still young. But even if you do this, it can still be quite problematic in the end.

So when choosing the right pup, you have to know who the right Akita breeders are. If there are any in your area, watch out for what you hear in the grapevine. Ask for opinions from your friends and the people who have Akitas. Akita breeders differ from one to another depending on the source of the pups and how the lineage has gone far. There are some dogs that tend to be way too far from the lineage line that the only thing that you can say is Akita-like for them is the look. In other words, find Akita breeders who have dogs that are born from second to third generation Akita breeds. These are the dogs that still carry the same bloodlines as that of the original bearers.

It is also important that you first examine the pups being taken care of by the Akita breeders. This will only require around 20 minutes of looking at the dogs and how they socialize with others. Put them back with the rest of the pups and see if they have any aggressive or dominating tendencies towards the other pups. It also should be noted that you do not go for the puppies that are always dominated by the others. These are the ones that tend to be weak when on their own. The reputation of the Akita breeders relies on how many pups in the den socialize as playfully as possible.

Another thing that can help you in your search for Akita breeders is if you go online and enter forums. Ask questions there on suitable breeders in the area. This is a convenient way of knowing which breeders are actually capable when it comes to their Akita breeds.